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Looking to focus on your scoring, puckhandling, skating, or something different? Our camps cover it all from Skill Camps to Goal Scoring/Battle camps. Whether you are a forward, defenseman, or goalie, TPH Camps are a great way to focus on developing your individual skills and blending them together to become a more complete hockey player. TPH Camps range from 3-7 days in length and are offered for varying age groups and skill levels. TPH does not host camps in all of our locations, select your location to see what camps are available near you.


Need to re-tool a component of your game? TPH Clinics offer a more focused approach to specific skills and skill blends.

These clinics utilize small area drills and game situational battles to concentrate on skill development and body position in the offensive and defensive side of the puck.

Defense clinics will focus on the necessary skating skills to excel at joining the rush, creating offensive opportunities, and the body positioning and stick skills to dominate shutting down opponents. 

Forward clinics focus on position specific skating, puck handling and passing skills and will introduce offensive pattern recognition tactics for players to dominate their opponents.

Develop all the skills necessary to become a well-rounded player through the balanced on-ice curriculum of our Skills Clinics. 

These clinics utilize small area drills and game situational battles to concentrate on skill development and body position in the offensive and defensive side of the puck.


Progression Programs are the detail oriented skill development training that TPH is known for, in a format that builds over a multi-week plan. Our mission is to create a holistic and comprehensive player development system designed to support high end athletes by maximizing their potential gains on and off the ice.

Our progression programs vary in length from market to market but are always centered around the same core training concepts that we believe cultivates the TPH Hockey Athlete.

The on-ice curriculum is strategically designed to cover areas of relative skill development.  Starting with building the foundation through repetition and proper mechanics will then lead to placing our students in simulated game situations to teach how to identify all options. individual video, advanced statistics, and a continual study of modern technical and tactical adjustments are the three pillars that drive the TPH Development Model.


TPH 3v3 and 4v4 leagues take place year round ranging from one day to multi-week. They consist of 4-6 teams per division with 6 skaters and 1 goalie on each team. Teams play cross-ice games with music playing over the loudspeaker! 3 on 3 in the off-season is a great way to relax and enjoy the game you love in a fun environment with your friends!

Our goal for our leagues is to provide the opportunity and platform for players to develop in the following ways:

  • Increase overall hockey intelligence through extended ice time and repetitions.

  • Gain confidence through play-making.

  • Improve overall skill-sets by "just playing" the game in a fun, unstructured, pure environment.


In partnership with Sport Testing Inc., Total Package Hockey is now offering state of the art, on-ice combines that are strategically designed to assist hockey players with their skating and skill development.  TPH is providing players an opportunity to be tested using the same technology, equipment, and standardized tests that are utilized in the NCAA, CHL and National Hockey League.

After being tested, players will be given access to Sport Testing’s Athlete Lounge, an exclusive online database. Once logged in, players can then review their test scores and compare them to other players within their own combine or at a global level to see where they rank.  Additionally, players can use their individual test scores to make adjustments to their own training and skill development programs to help them reach their highest potential.

Associations, coaches and managers will all receive a detailed report that will allow them to see where their players rank in each on-ice test, which will help them better focus their player development initiatives going forward.

  • Minimum 1½ hours on-ice – ½ hr. on-ice setup, 1 hr. on-ice testing.
  • Maximum number of skaters per 1 hour session = 30 players.
  • Team coaches involved on-ice as testing staff.
  • Testing can be done at team’s home/local rink or at a site agreed upon by both parties.
  • Positional players only (goalie only testing is an option).
  • Recommend testing more than one team per visit (back-to-back sessions, combined times).
  • Maximize development impact – test during the fall and end of season to make comparisons.
  • Fee: $100 per player (based on single team testing) – Group rates & repeat testing packages available.
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