Center of Excellence

The Total Package Hockey Center of Excellence is a focused environment where dedicated student-athletes study, train and play to their fullest potential. Our environment combines proven, accredited online learning with hands-on, innovative on and off-ice training and instruction. With a focus on choices, character and culture, we believe in a holistic approach, and recognize that our greatest responsibility is to prepare our student-athletes for success in the ultimate game: the game of life.


Whether you have applied or interested in learning more, we would like to to connect with you. We welcome all prospective parents and students to visit all of our locations throughout the academic year. Schedule a visit to your local Center of Excellence or attend an Open House. Continue reading below to decide what the best option is for you to receive more information.






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“Cael loves his school and says everyday that he is happy he decided to make the change. He left a ton of public school friends to improve his hockey game. We’ve seen a huge change in his confidence on and off the ice too. Your hockey school has made the difference. Our family is  thankful to have TPH in Nashville.”

Amy Lewis

Parent of Cael Lewis | TPH Center of Excellence Nashville

“Price and Burke have enjoyed school so very much this year!  It has been a very positive experience with appropriate motivation internally and externally.  Getting out of bed in the morning is easy because they go straight to the rink!  Fridays are even fun because of the weekly competitions, having all of their friends there and the idea that they are all on the same path with similar goals!”

Kerri Grimes

Parent of Price Grimes (’06) Burke Grimes (’07) | TPH Center of Excellence Nashville

"My son spent his senior year attending the Grand Rapids Center of Excellence/TPH program. As early as the first showcase back in October I noticed a change in the way he skated. He seemed to be in more command of the ice and moved in a way I hadn’t seen before. He also has done very well academically, and as a testament to gym time, “wow he’s big” was the comment recently made to us by someone who last saw my son in August.  "

Leah Ham

Parent of Kyle VanCompernolle (Senior) | TPH Center of Excellence Grand Rapids

"If your child is a self starter motivated by hockey, you can't beat TPH. If you want your child to learn about life through the sport of hockey, you can't beat TPH."

Bill Mellenthin

Parent of Thomas (Sophomore) | TPH Center of Excellence Colorado