At a time when we are being advised to “keep our distance,” TPH is fully prepared to go the distance, in an effort to execute our company vision, which is to become the world leader at positively impacting the lives of student-athletes.


As we continue to face the challenges posed by COVID-19, we in TPH have formulated a strategic plan to go the distance in delivering our Study, Train, Play Center of Excellence experience to our student-athletes.  In our attempts to go the distance and exceed your expectations, all of us in the TPH family are preparing to execute two different scenarios for the 20-21 school year, as we recognize it is highly unlikely that we will be able to deliver our “normal” 6-7 hour daily, on-site CoE experience.


Our hybrid CoE experience is one that involves smaller group on and off- ice training, likely within a condensed CoE day that will include:


  • The full “academics on-demand” Center of Excellence blended educational experience.
  • Mentorship on The Process of becoming elite, through various virtual platforms, if in-person mentorship is not feasible.
  • More stringent processes and procedures related to student-athlete health, safety, and general wellness if and when our student-athletes are on-site… For example, stricter, more regimented cleaning and sanitization policies, as well as social distance distancing guidelines consistent with local and state health agencies, and of course, USA Hockey.


This scenario puts us back on the ice, back in the gym and back together in-person, with various adaptations in place, as necessary.


Our TPH Virtual CoE experience might seem like the “worst case scenario,” but it’s actually what we have been successfully executing since COVID-19 forced us to physically close our CoE campuses.


We have adapted to the situations we have faced, and we have met the challenges of COVID-19 head-on, by creating a completely virtual Center of Excellence experience, with our hallmark “academics on demand” platform at the forefront…


While students across the globe have been forced to react to the changes in their educational experience, thanks to our academic leaders, their support staff and our great partners with Edmentum, our student athletes haven’t missed a beat.  They have continued to perform and see positive academic outcomes.  Our seniors have graduated and are on track to meet their academic and career goals.  All along, we have continued to offer three layers of academic support in the form of our TPH-focused Edmentum instructors, virtual tutoring assistance and on-site academic leadership.


There is virtual off-ice training, which we have offered through our TPH Virtual Hockey Development platform.  We continue to assist our student athletes in improving their strength, speed and hockey-athleticism, from home, by providing a hockey-specific, dryland training program, with actual built-in instruction, all while featuring exercises that can be performed with weights, rocks or no weight at all.


We have provided virtual off-ice skills training drills.  Despite not having access to ice, we have continued to show our student athletes how to improve their foundational skills, specifically, their shooting and puck handling, from their driveways or basements.


We have used video analysis and have “talked hockey” with our kids on a weekly basis, in an effort to continue educating our players about the skills, habits, concepts and details necessary for on-ice success.


And thanks to the virtual platforms we have at our fingertips, specifically Zoom, we have continued to educate our student athletes on the process of becoming elite.  We continue to show our student-athletes how to eat, sleep, study, train, practice, play, think, and live their lives the right way.


Our academic and hockey staff members have been in constant contact with our student athletes, have engaged them through guest speakers and have come up with creative ways to, quite honestly, keep our kids smiling and maintaining a positive outlook throughout this challenging time.


If the 20-21 school year arrives and we are back to normal, we will be back on-site, ready and waiting for our student-athletes.  If over the next few months, we have to make tweaks and develop a “new normal,” we will have a plan…  And if we are forced to deliver the Study, Train, Play experience virtually, rest assured we will, because we have!  We will go the distance, because to us, that means simply executing the TPH Way.