Director of Academics

  • Bloomfield, MI

The ideal Director of Academics should possess the following qualities:

  • A willingness to work, grind and hone your craft on a daily basis.
  • A passion for building personal and/or professional relationships with fellow staff members, student-athletes, their families and all members of the TPH hockey and academic community.
  • An open-mindedness to an occupation that requires multi-tasking and the “wearing of multiple-hats” related to providing hockey and academic services.
  • Background in student, athlete or student-athlete education.
  • Service background.
  • Detail and efficiency.
  • Firm communication style.

The Director of Academics has three main areas of focus:

  1. Foster a positive learning environment that promotes academic success for all student-athletes.
    • Adhere to all TPH Way operational processes, procedures and academic environment guidelines and work with the Chief Academic Officer to improve all existing infrastructure.
  1. Hold student-athletes to a high standard.
    • Monitor academic progress and performance on a daily basis.
    • Conduct daily and/or weekly student-athlete performance meetings with student-athletes and their families, when applicable.
    • Maintain a direct line of communication with the Director of Hockey-Operations with regards to student-athlete performance and measures to ensure a quality learning environment for all.
  1. Individualize and customize the learning experience based on where, when and how the student-athlete works best.
    • Build relationships with each individual, provide mentorship and gain insights in to how to maximize each individual’s performance as a student and person.
    • Place each individual in a physical environment that maximizes his/her academic performance.
    • Craft individual study plans.
    • Set a pacing standard that maximizes academic performance.

In addition, the Director of Academics will be expected to:

  • Collect and report data to the Chief Academic Officer on academic progress and outcomes in a timely fashion.
  • Serve as the TPH liaison with the various student learning platforms and partner schools in order to provide quality control of the educational plan and experience.
  • Direct the daily duties and functions of any academic support staff in accordance with TPH policies and procedures.
  • Maintain records in a confidential and organized manner so that current information is readily available to authorized personnel upon request.
  • Coordinate community service programs and projects.
  • Provide parent orientation and information sessions related to the academic program.
  • Assist the Chief Academic Officer in seeking out student and parent feedback on academic program.
  • All other duties as assigned in order to advance the CoE strategic plan.

Benefits package

  • This position will be an employee of Michigan International Prep School and comes with full benefits. In addition, this hire will receive all standard TPH apparel.


Jun 29, 2020

Start Date



Michigan International Prep School (MIPS)

Reports to

Superintendent/Designee of MIPS and TPH Chief Academic Officer