(ESTERO, FLORIDA – August 19, 2020) – Total Package Hockey (TPH) Chief Academic Officer Bill Simms announced the addition of Lisa Cannon as the Director of Academics for its Florida Division Wednesday. Cannon is joining TPH following nine years as a teacher lead at Oasis High School in the City of Cape Coral Charter School Authority.


“Lisa’s a fantastic new hire for us and is an experienced educator who’s worked with students at various grade levels and at various capacities whether it’s direct instruction or academic support,” said Simms. “She’s very familiar with the Edmentum learning platform and has used it extensively at her current school setting. Her experiences are going to bring a huge advantage for our students in her ability to understand where our students are at and where they need to go. She’ll help build a successful academic plan for each student.”


The TPH academic staff work on site as coaches and mentors to student-athletes. They mentor students on site in learning labs and help teach organization skills, accountability and provide support when needed. Aside from the classroom, the academic staff serve as great communicators with parents, teachers and hockey staff. For Cannon, she’ll be communicating to the students, and their parents, about the high expectations she has for them.


“I want to put across the high expectations on how important education is,” Cannon said. “My son is an athlete as well, and I’ve always said that as much as you love this, no matter where you go with it, your education has to be the most important thing to get you where you want to be. I think always having high expectations for my students, no matter what they believe about what they can accomplish, that they’ll always try to rise to that expectation. That’s when you’ll see the best from them. When they believe it, you’ve done something right as a teacher.“

Cannon brings with her a tremendous amount of experience not just in education, but also in leadership. She has served as a faculty advisor for the National Honor Society, Student Government Association and Oasis High School Leadership Team for over five years. In addition, she was awarded 2018 Teacher of the Year by the City of Cape Coral Charter School Foundation. Developing a well-rounded person requires education on becoming a leader and learning how to be a good teammate both on and off the ice.


“Teamwork is an important leadership skill,” said Cannon. “You have to be able to know that those people that are there with you, whether it’s in the classroom or on the ice, are working together as a unit. It shouldn’t just be about you. It should be about that person next to you. We grow better when you work as a team and not by yourself. “


Communication is at the core of education and leadership. The Director of Academics is charged with relationship building and having a high-level ability to communicate and connect with their students as well as with TPH staff. Given her award-winning background, there’s no doubt Lisa Cannon will be an incredible addition to the Total Package Hockey family.


“I’m very excited to be a part of this innovative form of education,” said Cannon. “I truly believe this is the direction education is going. I’ve been an educator for the past 10 years, and I’m just very excited to be a part of this growing company and the direction that it’s going.”


Total Package Hockey is pleased to announce the launch of its twelfth Center of Excellence at the Hertz Arena in Estero, FL. With support from Southwest Florida hockey staple Ryan Brindley, TPH will open its first CoE in the Sunshine State.

“We are thrilled to bring our Center of Excellence model to a state, and community for that matter, that is developing and advancing high-level hockey players at a great clip,” TPH CEO Nathan Bowen said. “In addition, by partnering with Ryan Brindley, we are teaming up with an individual who has passion for developing student-athletes on and off the ice, knowledge of what the development process looks like, having sons who are going through it right now, as well as a desire to see the state of Florida grow hockey talent from within. The CoE model will allow ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ players from Southwest Florida to receive high level on and off-ice training, a fully individualized, customized, NCAA-accredited academic experience within the blended learning environment we foster at the CoE, all while staying at or close to home, continuing to compete for their local teams and enjoying the high quality of life Southwest Florida has to offer. We hope this announcement today will be viewed as a win by aspiring elite hockey players in Southwest Florida, because calling Estero, FL the home to our 12th Center of Excellence is definitely a win for TPH.”

In partnering with Ryan Brindley, who will also serve as Director of Hockey-Operations for the Center of Excellence, TPH is aligned with a figure who has been instrumental in the growth of hockey not just in Estero, but across the state. A former captain of the Florida Everblades ECHL team, Brindley played nine professional seasons in four leagues (IHL, AHL, ECHL, and WPHL), before retiring at the conclusion of the 2006-2007 season. A graduate of Miami University, Brindley donned the red and white for four seasons with the Redhawks, graduating with a B.S. in Physical Education in 1999.

While Brindley’s resume is deep with hockey playing experience, perhaps what is more impressive has been his dedication to the growth of hockey in Southwest Florida. From 2009-2016, Brindley coached for the Florida Jr. Everblades organization, capturing multiple state and league championships. His 2004 birth year Florida Alliance and Southeast Elite Hockey teams (a program Brindley founded), have been ranked in the top five US teams the past six years. Ryan had two of his players named to the USA Youth Olympic team that won a Silver Medal in Switzerland this past January. He also recently had one player sign with the USNTDP, another tender in the USHL and multiple players heard their names called in the 2020 USHL and OHL drafts.

Brindley believes the Center of Excellence will provide a “missing piece” for the right 6-12th grade Florida hockey players, and as Bowen referenced, “incentivize” players to stay close to home until the time is right to advance in the game.

“The CoE really is a one-stop-shop for a hockey player that wants to maximize his or her development on the ice, in the weight room and most importantly, in the classroom,” Brindley said. “TPH’s commitment to providing an educational experience that readies kids for any university setting is what I believe families in Southwest Florida will most appreciate. Flexibility is something young hockey players in our state need and the CoE model offers just that, all while placing demands on the kids that ready them for their futures,whether that’s in hockey, school or life.”

In referencing the educational experience provided at the Center of Excellence, Brindley is pointing to TPH’s unique academic learning platform provided by Edmentum. The TPH-Edmentum platform is designed to meet the demands of the aspiring elite male and female hockey player who desires structure, discipline and accountability, but as Brindley pointed out, requires the flexibility to pursue his or her hockey and career goals without the fear of missing school. The “blended learning environment” shaped by TPH includes academics on demand, with 24/7, fully accessible NCAA courseware and full-time instructors who are dedicated to the student-athletes across all twelve Centers of Excellence. Courses are available live as well as on-demand, with accessible instructors who hold virtual office hours. CoE attendees also have access to a virtual tutoring service, in the event academic assistance is needed after-hours or right on the spot during the CoE school day.

“Prospective TPH-Florida families might be interested to know that throughout this current COVID-19 crisis, our student-athletes across all Centers of Excellence haven’t missed a beat academically,” Bowen added. “Our academic outcomes continue to be extremely positive. Seniors have graduated and our student-athletes stayed on pace or ahead with their schoolwork. And while we hope to see a full return to normalcy once the school year rolls around, we have prepared both a hybrid and completely virtual CoE option so that regardless of the state of the pandemic,our student-athletes will have every opportunity to Study, Train and Play‘on demand.’ This is something Ryan Brindley and all of us in TPH believe Florida families are really going to love.”

Another feature that Bowen and Brindley believe will be an attraction to prospective TPH-Florida families is that its Estero Center of Excellence will be setup like a mini-college campus, with on-ice training sessions taking place four days per week. Student-athletes will be shuttled to a state-of-the-art classroom facility located near Corkscrew Palms Boulevard, adjacent to Estero Community Park, which is located three miles from Hertz Arena. Off-ice training and recreational activities will be held at the Estero Community Center & Park.

“It was evident to us from the very first day we connected with Ryan and looked into having a CoE in Southwest Florida that hockey families along the Gulf Coast crave experiences that are first-class,” Bowen added. “The partnerships Ryan has made and the relationships he has built, whether it be with the ECHL Everblades, our off-ice training provider, the classroom space we have secured, or the support staff Ryan will hire and put in place, are designed to give our student-athletes every chance to Study, Train and Play to their fullest potential.”

Prospective TPH-Florida Center of Excellence attendees are invited to join Brindley and other members of the TPH team for its first open house, being held virtually via Zoom, on Thursday, July 2 at 7:00 PM EST. A link to RSVP is down below. Only families who RSVP will be able to attend.

In addition, with demand for TPH’s Study, Train, Play model expected to be at a high, families of aspiring elite Tier I ‘AAA’ and Tier II ‘AA’ caliber 6-12th grade hockey players who are interested in the CoE model are encouraged to apply to the Center of Excellence at the link below. Applying to the CoE is the first formal step in the registration process and reserves a spot at the center for the upcoming school year.