Every draft we always look back over the selections and break down the data. The goal is to understand who the teams and their scouts believe are ready for the next level. The data helps understand how to best prepare our TPH student-athletes. Below is some of the details from our staff’s analysis.


Birth Year Distribution

As you can see from the distribution, 141 (61.1%) of those selected were 2001 and 2002 birth years.

Association Level Distribution


Junior League Distribution


Youth League Distribution

This year, 76.5% of the draft pick were selected from a team associated in a league rather than an independent.

TPH and the Center of Excellence offer a selective environment for the aspiring elite athlete.  Part of the selective environment is mentoring our athletes to become better versions of themselves. A big piece of this growth includes serving the communities!


We are launching the Shield Our Communities fundraiser. TPH students across the country will be raising money to purchase medical face shields made by our good friends at Sparx Hockey.  The goal is to provide these shields to organizations in need in each local community.  Students will have the opportunity to safely deliver the shields to the selected local organizations.  Organizations like Police Departments, Fire Departments, Nursing Homes or the like.


TPH is proud to partner with Sparx, a company who has repurposed their facilities to make these shields for first responders and essential workers across the country!  Please help us achieve our goal and make a difference in the communities we call home! Together we can make a difference, in our communities and across the nation!


Our targeted goal would allow us to distribute over 1,000 face shields, distributed evenly, to the following local organizations:

  • Atlanta | Emory University Department of Public Safety
  • Colorado | Elizabeth Fire Station 271
  • Detroit | Dearborn Heights Police Department
  • Grand Rapids  | Spectrum Health
  • Huntsville | Huntsville Hospital System
  • Indianapolis | Eskenzie Health of Indianapolis
  • Nashville | Metro Nashville Office of Emergency Management

To make a donation click here. We’ve got this!