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Whether you have applied or interested in learning more, we would like to to connect with you. We welcome all prospective parents and students to visit all of our locations throughout the academic year. Schedule a visit to your local Center of Excellence or attend an Open House. Continue reading below to decide what the best option is for you to receive more information.






Interested in receiving more information about the TPH Center of Excellence. Fill out the link below for more information on our program, watch open house recordings, and download more information.


The best way for you to understand the unique benefits of the TPH Center of Excellence is to experience it first-hand. We invite all prospective student-athletes to visit their local campus to not just see what the CoE is all about, but to live a day as a Center of Excellence student-athlete.

An official visit to a Center of Excellence is a fully immersive experience. Bring your equipment and workout gear, for an official visit student-athletes will be welcome to get out on the ice to experience our on-ice and off-ice training with our player development mentor and coaches, connect with our academic staff, and get to know other students at the CoE.

  • ON-SITE Open House

    Open houses are a great opportunity for prospective families to visit our facilities, ask questions, and learn about our model and staff.


    Flexibility is something we pride ourselves in. Understanding that sometimes it is difficult to find time in a busy schedule to make it to a CoE location for an open house, we periodically offer virtual open houses.


TPH maintains partnerships with leading educational providers in each market.  In most cases, our students are enrolled with our designated public school partner.  In some instances, students may select our private school partner for an additional fee.  In each case, students who meet the graduation requirements receive their high school diploma from our partner school.  Our Director of Academics in each location provides information and assistance to you as you work through the school enrollment process.  We highly recommend that you obtain a copy of your child’s most recent transcript (high school) or grade report (middle school or younger) to expedite the process. All of our school partners are fully accredited and NCAA compliant.  Students who meet the graduation requirements earn a fully endorsed high school diploma and transcript.  

To date, we have had 54 students graduate with their high school diplomas while attending one of our Centers of Excellence.  All of our academic partners are AdvancEd approved and meet the stringent NCAA Eligibility Center core course requirements.  Our partner schools issue fully accredited high school diplomas. 

At TPH, all students attending a Center of Excellence are supported by an on-site Director of Academics. In addition, all of our students are assigned a highly qualified and certified teacher for each of their online academic courses.  Our students interact with their assigned teacher through pre-scheduled Zoom sessions and various live lesson opportunities.  Furthermore, all of our EdOptions Academy enrolled students have access to the fully staffed Tutor Zoom Room every Monday through Friday. EdOptions Academy ensures that TPH enrolled students are served by teachers who are dedicated to the unique needs of our student athletes. This comprehensive academic support directly relates to the academic achievement level of our students.  In the 2018-2019 school year our students performed as follows: 

  • Over 30% of the student body earned all A’s in their courses
  • 67% of our student athletes maintain a 3.7 GPA or higher
  • 90% of our student athletes maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • All of our students successfully complete all of their courses
  • All students are able to take ACT or SAT prep courses 

The beauty of our TPH – EdOptions Academy program is that our students are not bound by the traditonal seat time that is required in most brick and mortar school programs. This means that we are able to support any student athlete on their individual schedule.  Through our program, we serve students who are unable attend our CoE on a daily basis.  In this event, we offer private school and, location dependent, public school enrollment options that include the support of one of our TPH Director of Academics.  This arrangement permits a student to live away from home while continuing to work on their course work regardless of their location.  All of the same benefits are still available including the Zoom Tutor Room access, the same group of highly qualified teachers, and they have regular contact with our TPH Director of Excellence who is assigned as their learning mentor. 

Many of the student athletes who attend our Centers of Excellence are highly motivated both on and off the ice.  Our academic program is structured to provide our students athletes with a rigorous academic experience that includes access to many honors level and Advanced Placement level courses.  It is important to understand that all of the regular core classes are designed as college preparatory in nature.  Students wishing to take more advanced coursework are able to select from a variety of classes including History, English, Math, Science, and World Languages.

Yes, Edmentum, the parent of EdOptions Academy, also offers an industry leading option for elementary and homeschooled students.  Should an admission decision be made that requires a solution for a student not yet in 6th grade, we are able to support enrollment in Calvert.  This is the elementary school for our elementary aged student athletes.  Calvert is an industry leader in providing online education for elementary and homeschooled students. This platform differs from EdOptions Academy as it is designed to meet the unique needs of elementary school aged students. TPH students who are enrolled through Calvert also receive the ongoing support of our Director of Academics and/or a Success Coach. 

In addition to our close academic monitoring of our student athletes, TPH works closely with our school partners to ensure that our students receive and participate in all necessary assessments and programs.  Our Directors of Academics facilitate the administration of academic assessments that are administered by our school partners.  These assessments may include the NWEA Measurement of Academic Progress, the Explore/Plan/ACT and/or the PSAT/SAT college readiness assessments, and/or the Exact Path adaptive diagnostic.  These tools provide baseline and growth data that is used to measure student progress toward growth as a college ready student athlete. 

Our student athletes are provided with a wide range of elective courses while enrolled at TPH.  In Many of these electives have high relevance for our students.  Classes such as accounting, personal finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and many others are of high interest to many of our student athletes.  In addition, Edmentum works closely with TPH to create a variety of customized courses for our student athletes. These include a Leadership course that integrates the seminar work our students do with their academic schedule as well as a Physical Activity class that permits our students to earn credit for the on and off ice training they receive at the Center of Excellence. 

Nearly all of our student athletes aspire to attend a Division 1 college or university.  Our program has been carefully designed to ensure that our students earn their diploma from an AdvancEd accredited school while meeting the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements.  While each student must earn the appropriate grades and scores for admission to their selected university, we have carefully selected our partners to ensure that our students’ transcripts and credentials are fully accredited.  Our current and past students are either committed to or currently attending some of the following colleges and universities: 

At TPH, we carefully select our partners. Our first requirement is that our partners are proven leaders in their respective field.  This is precisely why partnered with Edmentum to provide the academic instruction for our student athletes.  The academic component represents the most important part of our activities at the Center of Excellence.  In seeking out our partner, we found that Edmentum was consistently ranked as the top online provider.  The consistent recognition awarded to Edmentum for their innovative approach to online teaching and learning and their commitment to customize their product to meet the unique needs of our student athletes makes Edmentum the perfect academic platform for our students.  Some of the many awards and recognitions earned by Edmentum are as follows: