Stockholm, Sweden | World Hockey Group AB is excited to join forces with some of the biggest names in amateur hockey to deliver a one of a kind global showcase in the USA in May 2021. The World Selects Trophy will bring together players from 10 of the best  hockey-playing countries in the world for a six (6) day showcase in May.  


World Hockey Group along with SuperSeries LLC (Livingston, NJ), Draftday International (Toronto Canada), and Total Package Hockey (Nashville, TN & Huntsville, Alabama) are in the final vetting process for selection of a host city and expect to announce final details in the coming weeks. This year’s World Selects Trophy (formerly the World Selects Invitational) will feature the world’s top 15-year-old (2006 birth year) male hockey players.   The field of teams will be limited to only 40 teams with nearly 50% coming from Europe and Russia. 


Sergei Zak, CEO of World Hockey Group AB, when asked about the strategic partnership, said, “Each partner was chosen for their ability to attract top hockey talent and put on World Class events. All possess a strong passion for the game and are in alignment with our goal of giving athletes and families an experience they will never forget” 


World Hockey Group has already accepted commitments from teams in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and other nations. For more information on the event or to seek a possible invitation please send your inquiry to Sergei Zak at ​ 

Below is a partial list of international commitments: 

  • Sweden Selects (Sweden) 
  • CSKA (Moscow, Russia) 
  • SKA – Silver Lions (St. Petersburg, Russia) 
  • Ak Bars (Kazan, Russia) 
  • Dinamo (Minsk, Belarus) 
  • Ural Selects (Russia) 
  • Draftday Hockey (Toronto, Canada) 
  • Western Canada Selects (Canada) 
  • DHI (USA) 
  • NorthStar Elite (Boston, USA) 
  • ProHockey Development (Toronto, Canada) 
  • Bloodline Hockey (Philadelphia, USA) 
  • Prohorkins Selects (Russia) 
  • Alps Switzerland Selects (Southern Europe) 
  • Denmark Selects (Denmark) 
  • Latvian National Selects (Latvia) 
  • Exposure Hockey (USA) 
  • Norway Selects (Norway) 
  • Finland Selects (Finland) 

More information can be found at:–06-elite-boys

World Hockey Group – A worldwide provider of hockey events with primary offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Exeter, NH.    The founders are known globally for their creation of  world class hockey events such as the World Selects Invitational, Tretiak Cup, and Sweden Hockey Trophy. 

Draftday International Athletics – ​  Established in 1997 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and has evolved into market leader in sport and sport tourism. DRAFTDAY is a professionally run and strategically structured full service Hockey Company providing programs, events and services for all levels and ages of players within the hockey community, both in North America and Europe. 

SuperSeries – Based in Livingston, New Jersey, SuperSeries is a leader in operating youth hockey tournaments and experiences. SuperSeries is known for its excellent service to the  families that attend their events such as the Boston Breakout, one of the largest youth hockey events in North America as well as elite spring and summer tournaments such as the Continental Clash as the Triple Crown. 

Total Package Hockey​   – ​Founded in 2001, Total package hockey positively impacts the lives of student-athletes through academics, mentorship, and athletics. With platforms that  include association management, elite prospects programs, tournaments and showcases, camps and clinics, and its hallmark Center of Excellence academy model, Total Package Hockey has assisted in the academic, athletic, and hockey development of over 600 players who have advanced to junior, collegiate and professional hockey.


Veteran hockey media personality set to tell student-athlete stories

(HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA – September 1, 2020) – Total Package Hockey CEO Nathan Bowen has announced the addition of Justin Bradford as Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Bradford will be based out of Nashville, Tennessee.


Bradford formerly served as the Digital Media Director for the Nashville Symphony, but has been in hockey media for eight years with Penalty Box Radio. Penalty Box Radio (PBR) is weekly hockey-centric radio show that can be heard in Nashville and around the world on ESPN 102.5 The Game. It’s also a media site that is home to multiple writers and content creators, many of whom are aspiring sports journalists.


“Justin is an outstanding add to our team, and we know he will help us improve our communications, our ability to share more positive stories both written, through video and digitally,” said Bowen. “His experience starting, growing and legitimizing Penalty Box Radio is a true testament to his work ethic and journalistic integrity. It will be very exciting to see where he takes us in supporting our team members, student-athletes and TPH families.”


Through PBR, Bradford has covered the Nashville Predators as credentialed hockey media for the past seven years. He’s also been covering the University in Alabama Huntsville Chargers hockey program for eight years. Throughout his career, Bradford has covered multiple NHL events including four NHL Drafts, an NHL All Star Game, the NHL Awards and the Winter Classic. He’s also covered and scouted (with ISS Hockey) several games in the OHL and WHL. Through all of these experiences, Bradford has learned to become a storyteller.


“Over my years as a hockey journalist, I’ve learned that I want to do more than post game reports where I say how the game went; I want to tell the stories of the players,” Bradford said. “From the pros all the way down to prep hockey, I’ve been able to talk to hockey players and tell their unique and fun stories. It’s something that means a lot to me because I believe there’s always a story to tell. Hockey players have amazing personalities that they aren’t always able to share, so I try to do my best to show that they’re people just like the rest of us.”


Bradford’s work as a journalist granted him the opportunity to author a book as well. In 2015, he authored “Nashville Predators: The Making of Smashville,” the first history book on the Nashville Predators franchise. Published by The History Press, “The Making of Smashville” provides history, anecdotes and a deep look into how the Nashville Predators went from an expansion team to a playoff contender. It includes stories from Barry Trotz, Terry Crisp, Pete Weber, original owner Craig Leipold, Peter Laviolette and a multitude of Predators alums and current players.


In addition to hockey journalist, Bradford also serves as the commissioner of the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference (SECHC). The SECHC is a club hockey conference that now plays in Collegiate Hockey Federation Division-II. The conference consists of 17 teams from across the southeast including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and plenty more.


“From writing a book to working in hockey administration with the SECHC, my passion for this sport runs deep. I want to do everything I can to grow the sport of hockey, especially in previously non-traditional areas of the country. If I’m able to turn just a few people on to the sport with each video I make or a story I write, then I that it’s a major success and worth even minute spent. We have a tremendous that teaches children and adults so many valuable life lessons, and I’m looking forward to being able to do that with Total Package Hockey now.”


Be on the lookout for more TPH content coming soon to all social media channels and the website.

World-leading software platform will use data enhance academic and athletic performance.

(HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA – August, 28, 2020) – Total Package Hockey (TPH) has announced a three year agreement with Kinduct, a world-leader in athlete management software. Kinduct serves over 550 teams and organizations across the globe, including just over a third of the National Hockey League, Hockey Canada, multiple NCAA Division-I programs and many more.


Backed by companies like Intel and the San Francisco 49ers, Kinduct was founded in 2010 and spent its early years in the healthcare industry, focused on educating and engaging patients through patient-centric 3D medical animations and rehab programming. But what coincided with Kinduct’s formation was a tsunami of data — and not just in the medical world. These trends were also found in human performance and elite sport environments, but the data was largely isolated and inaccessible. With the goal of identifying increased risk of injury and optimizing performance still standing as its pillars, the company shifted its focus toward data consolidation and organically grew into what it is now: a world-leading Athlete Management System.1


“We’re extremely excited to be working with Nathan, Francis, Jordan, and the rest of the team at TPH,” said Matt English, Kinduct Account Executive. “They have continually found ways to innovate the student-athlete experience by combining academic, wellness, and performance data to gain a more holistic view of each individual. We look forward to building upon this philosophy and helping to create targeted strategies that help players reach their potential through analytics.”


As a data-driven world continues to evolve, TPH will collect data from on and off ice activities and utilize Kinduct to track multiple areas of focus to help improve student-athlete performance.


“We want to use data to drive performance and drive coaching decisions,” said Nathan Bowen, CEO of Total Package Hockey. “Ultimately, we want to create the best student experience possible and improve and increase the development of our athletes.”


The goal in partnering with Kinduct is to enhance the experience for student-athletes by providing them, their coaches and their parents with data that will help in more than just decision-making for on-ice performance. The data will also help identify red flags in a player’s wellness so coaches are alerted to potential injuries or other health concerns. Kinduct will also provide data-supported rehab programs to aid student-athletes and coaches.


“On a daily basis, it will allow us to individualize the student experience,” said Bowen. “It will serve as a platform to deliver workouts, skill development, off ice training and rehab programs.”


To say that the platform is “smart” is an understatement. Kinduct will be able to integrate academic data into the platform and provide data that coincides with all aspect of the student-athlete’s experience at TPH. Staff, students and families will be able to log in to see all of the information that’s relevant to them in the Kinduct platform, truly customizing the experience for each player in the program.


Learn more about Kinduct here.


1 Via the Kinduct “About” page at

A wealth of junior, college and pro experience added to growing market

(PHOENIX, ARIZONA – August 25, 2020) – Brett Blatchford, Director of Hockey-Operation for Total Package Hockey (TPH) Phoenix has announced the additions of Matthew Vanden Berg, Brian Slugocki and Scott Munroe as Player Development Coaches and Mentors. The addition will bring a plethora of experience and knowledge to TPH Phoenix.


Slugocki played junior hockey in Phoenix with the Phoenix Polar Bears before going on to play for the University of Arizona. He also took his talents overseas for a year in Sweden following his college career. Lately, he’s spent time with Darryl Belfry, who is recognized as a leader and innovator in hockey having spent time training players like Auston Matthews, Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon and John Tavares.


“Brian has first class detail in skill development,” said Blatchford on Suglocki. “He’s spent time on the ice with Darryl Belfry learning how Darryl teaches and the best ways for people to acquire skill. He’s very trusted in the Phoenix community as a skills instructor, especially in the way he communicates with the kids.”


Matthew Vanden Berg adds copious amounts of knowledge in coaching. He’s been a Director of Player Advancement as well as a coach and mentor with the Milwaukee Jr. Admirals. Plus, Vanden Berg continues to serve as a video coach and analyst with various organizations. His skills in analyzation will also be valuable as TPH locations begin evolving ways to evaluate player performance.


“Matthew has spent the last few years with the Milwaukee Jr Admirals developing players there,” said Blatchford. “His level of detail is going to help us, especially with the Kinduct app.”


Adding the wisdom of a goaltender is going to be extremely valuable to TPH Phoenix. Scott Munroe brings with him a background in playing and coaching at multiple levels of the sport, including leading the University of Alabama in Huntsville Chargers to a College Hockey America regular season championship in 2003.


Scott Munroe is a high character guy,” said Blatchford. “Scott has coached in the QMJHL and Division III college hockey. He also played eight years in the American Hockey League, so there’s a huge amount of knowledge for us to draw from. He’s a goaltender and fellow coach and mentor Brendan Burke is a goalie as well. They’ve been collaborating on the best ways to develop a player here. Those two will lead us.”

Embed from Getty Images
All three additions to TPH Phoenix will be excellent role models both on and off the ice, and the student-athletes involved in the program will learn valuable skills that will carry them through life.


“They have to be a role model for the kids from a character perspective, who they are as people and also as mentors,” said Blatchford. “That is almost not hockey related, but obviously in the end, they’ll have something else to offer. It’s character, it’s mentorship, it’s being a good role model for the kids at our center. I don’t think we could have done a better job in Phoenix in that regard.”

Former pro and UNH assistant captain comes home to share his experience with student-athletes

(DENVER, CO – August 21, 2020) – Jordan Pietrus, Executive Director of Total Package Hockey (TPH) Colorado, has announced the addition of Brett Kostolansky as the Director of Hockey Operations for the Denver division. Kostolansky brings with him a tremendous amount of experience from playing Division-I college hockey and taking the next step to the professional level.


“We were looking for someone that first and foremost is of high character,” said Pietrus on hiring Kostolansky. “Everyone we spoke to about Brett spoke extremely highly of him and his character. Our directors are leading young men and women and spending a lot of time with them and mentoring them. His hockey experience both playing and coaching is something we were looking for. He’s a former Thunderbird. He played prep school and then went to the University of New Hampshire, which is one of the top college programs in the country. Then, he had a chance to play professionally after college. Being a homegrown Colorado youth hockey player and now having the opportunity to give back to the next generation is something that’s really exciting for us.”


Following his time in youth hockey programs in Denver, Kostolansky played two seasons of prep hockey at Shattuck-St. Mary’s. He then played for the Chicago Steel of the USHL for one season before beginning his college career at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). Kostolansky played all four years at UNH and then spent three seasons with the Rapid City Rush of the ECHL. He took a path that so many TPH student-athletes wish to take, and now he’s come home to share that experience.


“I think it’s real special to join TPH, especially growing up here in Denver,” said Kostolansky. “Being able to give back to the community and be a part of the Denver hockey community has always been a goal of mine. I grew up here, went through the youth programs and took that path. I’m excited to pass that experience down to the youth hockey players here in Denver.”


Being a former college athlete provides a wealth of knowledge about finding the balance between athletics and education. Kostolansky understands how important education is at TPH and how it molds young minds into being upstanding members of society.


“I learned that you don’t take the education part for granted,” Kostolansky said. “That’s subtly the most important part. Your mind may be more towards the hockey part, but your education, and what you put in the classroom and what you get out of that, is the most important part of being a student-athlete in furthering your hockey career, or any career for that matter.


During his senior year at UNH, Kostolansky wore an “A” as an assistant captain for the team. Being a leader is not an easy task. It’s not something that’s just given. It has to be earned, and Kostolansky is prepared to create future leaders at TPH.


“I think it’s your preparation and being a good role model,” said Kostolansky on what it takes to lead by example. “To be a leader, first and foremost you have to have your teammates look up to you. You have to set the right example. It starts with that and that’s on your own preparation, your own processes and that will bleed down to the rest of the organization. Just setting that good example gets everyone off on the right foot and creates a great culture.”


Kostolansky is bringing the right mindset to mentor the student-athletes in Denver. He’s ready to help them pursue their goals, whatever they may be. By providing them with the right tools for life, it will lead to more opportunities athletically.


“We want our players to be advancing athletically,” said Jordan Pietrus. “We want them to play at the highest level possible. The most important thing for us is preparing them for life. If we can mentor them and give them tools that will help them win at life, that’s what we’re really striving full. If we help them achieve their goals athletically, that’s just a bonus for us.”


Apply for TPH Center of Excellence Colorado-Denver – ONLY 2 SPOTS REMAINING.

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Former D-I athlete to serve as Player Development Coach & Mentor

(ST. LOUIS, MO – August 24, 2020) – Philip McRae, Director of Hockey-Operation for Total Package Hockey (TPH) St. Louis, has announced the addition of Zach Jordan as a Player Development Coach & Mentor.


Prior to joining TPH, Jordan played a season in the NAHL, four seasons in the USHL and for the previous four years, he was a right wing for the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks. His path is one that TPH is preparing its student athletes for should they choose it.


“Zach has done exactly what our student hockey players are striving to do,” said McRae. “He is going to be a great example for our kids, and we are thrilled to have Zach join the TPH St. Louis team until the 2020-21 professional hockey season begins.”


Jordan just completed four years playing Division-I college hockey, and he’s excited to share that experience with the student athletes at TPH. One thing he’s quickly learned over his experience in junior and college hockey is that fun still needs to be a part of it.


“I think the main thing I want to instill in them is that there’s a lot of hard work to get there, but there’s fun with it, too,” said Jordan. “If you stop having fun with it all, then you’re not going to enjoy it anymore. You won’t be truly as good as you can be if you’re not having fun.”


During his senior year, Jordan wore an “A” as an assistant captain for the Mavericks. Building good leaders and citizens in the community is a focal point at TPH, and Jordan understands that there are different kinds of leaders. For him, finding balance and understanding your own leadership style is key.

“The biggest thing when it comes to being a leader is that you have to understand the best way for you to lead as a person,” said Jordan. “For me, it was a balance between being vocal and leading by example. I think that’s one of the biggest things with showing younger kids how to be good leaders. It’s not always the rah-rah person. You can lead by example just by doing the work every day.”


When it comes to the big picture, Jordan has the right mindset, and that will be an important factor when helping to prepare TPH student-athletes. When you invest the time in being a part of something great, it comes full circle. That’s also an important concept of leadership.


“As a senior this year, at the end of the year we talked with the freshman class and they were just so appreciative of what we did for them,” said Jordan when sharing one of his favorite moments from last season. “It was just full circle of how we were treated and how we were able to learn and grow and get them started on the right path. It was rewarding going through the whole experience.”


From his experiences going through multiple levels of hockey, to his development as a leader, Zach Jordan brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as a Player Development Coach & Mentor.


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Marchand brings with her a wealth of coaching and teaching experience.

(GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – August 21, 2020) – Total Package Hockey (TPH) Chief Academic Officer Bill Simms recently announced the addition of Jennifer Marchand as the Director of Academics for its Grand Rapids Division.


With her background in coaching and being in an educational environment that requires balance between the classroom and athletics, Simms is confident in how Marchand will be able to adjust and customize the learning experience for each student-athlete.


“Jennifer is a recently certified teacher, and she has a lot of experience working with students as a cheerleading coach,” said Simms. “She’s been working in the school setting and has been a substitute teacher at times in which case you often need to learn how to adjust. She’s definitely presented as having a really good skillset and hit the ground running in Grand Rapids. She’s already contributing immensely to our team.”


Times have been fairly uncertain with the pandemic, especially when it comes to students getting back in the classroom at all levels of education. For Marchand, this was a unique and perfect opportunity to teach.


“I was just really excited to join the team,” said Marchand. “I went to school to become a teacher, but with the current climate, things are a little uncertain right now. To be a part of this opportunity that offers a venue for student-athletes, and it’s really a unique opportunity that I’m excited to be a part of.”


The classroom is evolving almost daily right now, but at the core of Total Package Hockey’s educational offering is fostering a positive learning environment. It’s about individualizing the learning experience to best fit the needs of the student-athlete at TPH.


“TPH allows student-athletes to focus on their training, which is something that they’re so good about, without being bogged down with definitive, hard deadlines,” said Marchand. “This allows student-athletes to combine their passion with their education. With that education, they’re allowed to have more flexibility with it, which allows them to grow with their education and their athletics.”


Flexibility is important, but the student-athletes are still held accountable for what’s expected out of them. This applies not only on the ice or on the playing field, but also in the classroom.


“They’re called student-athletes for a reason,” Marchand said. “They’re students first, athletes second. The biggest thing is to make sure we are focusing on education and using their passion for that sport to keep them accountable. We want them to meet the goals they’re expecting of themselves and what their parents are expecting of them. Athletics is a passion for them, and we want to them to go as far as they can and for as long as they can. At the end of the day, they’re people, and we want them to be knowledgeable and productive members of society.”


Marchand has been on the job as Director of Academics for a short time, but she’s already quickly learned how the positive environment applies to the staff as well as the students.


“I am just so thankful for all of the help and welcomeness I’ve received from everyone,” said Marchand. “When we meet for Zoom calls, we’re all across the country, but we’re so collaborative. It really is just a positive and engaging work environment. This is such a positive place focused on everyone being better and improving.”

(ESTERO, FLORIDA – August 19, 2020) – Total Package Hockey (TPH) Chief Academic Officer Bill Simms announced the addition of Lisa Cannon as the Director of Academics for its Florida Division Wednesday. Cannon is joining TPH following nine years as a teacher lead at Oasis High School in the City of Cape Coral Charter School Authority.


“Lisa’s a fantastic new hire for us and is an experienced educator who’s worked with students at various grade levels and at various capacities whether it’s direct instruction or academic support,” said Simms. “She’s very familiar with the Edmentum learning platform and has used it extensively at her current school setting. Her experiences are going to bring a huge advantage for our students in her ability to understand where our students are at and where they need to go. She’ll help build a successful academic plan for each student.”


The TPH academic staff work on site as coaches and mentors to student-athletes. They mentor students on site in learning labs and help teach organization skills, accountability and provide support when needed. Aside from the classroom, the academic staff serve as great communicators with parents, teachers and hockey staff. For Cannon, she’ll be communicating to the students, and their parents, about the high expectations she has for them.


“I want to put across the high expectations on how important education is,” Cannon said. “My son is an athlete as well, and I’ve always said that as much as you love this, no matter where you go with it, your education has to be the most important thing to get you where you want to be. I think always having high expectations for my students, no matter what they believe about what they can accomplish, that they’ll always try to rise to that expectation. That’s when you’ll see the best from them. When they believe it, you’ve done something right as a teacher.“

Cannon brings with her a tremendous amount of experience not just in education, but also in leadership. She has served as a faculty advisor for the National Honor Society, Student Government Association and Oasis High School Leadership Team for over five years. In addition, she was awarded 2018 Teacher of the Year by the City of Cape Coral Charter School Foundation. Developing a well-rounded person requires education on becoming a leader and learning how to be a good teammate both on and off the ice.


“Teamwork is an important leadership skill,” said Cannon. “You have to be able to know that those people that are there with you, whether it’s in the classroom or on the ice, are working together as a unit. It shouldn’t just be about you. It should be about that person next to you. We grow better when you work as a team and not by yourself. “


Communication is at the core of education and leadership. The Director of Academics is charged with relationship building and having a high-level ability to communicate and connect with their students as well as with TPH staff. Given her award-winning background, there’s no doubt Lisa Cannon will be an incredible addition to the Total Package Hockey family.


“I’m very excited to be a part of this innovative form of education,” said Cannon. “I truly believe this is the direction education is going. I’ve been an educator for the past 10 years, and I’m just very excited to be a part of this growing company and the direction that it’s going.”